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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I invite friends to events on KnokKnok?
Encourage friends to download the KnokKnok app by sharing the download link in the bottom of this page or in the app menu under Contacts. You can invite Friends (other KnokKnok users you have connected with), Contacts (non-KnokKnok users imported from your phone), or Groups (groups of friends you have created)​.  
What happens once the event reaches the max number of attendees?
Once the max number of attendees is hit, the event disappears from the app for everyone who has not attended. Those clicking through an earlier text message will see a message that the event is full; no details of the event will be shared.  
How does SMS text messaging work in KnokKnok?
Text messaging is one of the fastest ways to reach people; however, you can't retract a text message. With KnokKnok, you have the next best thing.  Invitations are sent via text message but without revealing any of the details of the event. Only when a user clicks on the invite do they see the host and event details. If the event is full, they see a default message.  Every KnokKnok user is provided with a set of free text message credits. Additional text credits can be purchased by subscribing to an KnokKnok plan or purchasing additional stand alone text credits. 
What is Cross-blocking(TM)?
Cross-blocking (TM) is a premium feature unique to KnokKnok.​  For those situations where friends don't get along, you can set cross-blocks. If one accepts, the event auto-closes for the other.  Set as many cross-blocks as you like to keep harmony and save and reuse cross-blocks for future events.
What can I see if I accepted an invite?
If you accepted an invite, you will be able to see the event details on your KnokKnok app's event page. Unless the host has opted to not share the list of other invitees, you will see the list of others who are attending the event.   You are able to message the group (all attendees) or individual attendees from within the KnokKnok app.
Can I change my RSVP? What happens if a guest changes their RSVP?
You can change your RSVP by accessing the event in KnokKnok and clicking "Decline". The event will no longer be visible to you in KnokKnok.
If a guest who has previously accepted an invite later declines, and the invite had since closed, the invite will automatically reopen for that spot so another attendee can opt in.
Can I send messages to individuals or groups from within KnokKnok?
You can change send KnokKnok app messages to any of your Friends in KnokKnok. You can also send group messages to attendees of shared events, regardless of whether you are Friends or not.
Can I edit an event once I sent it?
Yes, you can edit an event after it has been sent but you may not reduce the number of attendees below the number that have already accepted.  Attendees will see the updated event and notifications regarding the change in the KnokKnok app.
Why can't I see declined events on KnokKnok?
The nature of KnokKnok is to quickly invite friends to events. When you aren't sure who is available or interested, you may opt to cast a wide net.  Once you have Friends accept the event, additional Friends may become a problem, either due to space, social distancing regulations, capacity or other factors.  If a Friend is not in, they are out - for that event - and they don't need a reminder that is it happening.
How do Groups work?
You can create and name a group of Friends which can then be used to invite attendees to future events. This makes it easier to invite commonly included friends.  Friends still accept invites individually even if they were invited as part of a group.
What platforms is KnokKnok available on?
Currently we only offer an iOS version. We plan to offer additional options in the future. Stay tuned!
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